Brookhaven Run 5K, Norman

Finally, a race here in Norman.  Didn’t have to get up really early and was able to hang around after the race for quite awhile.  I do wish Norman would become more of a running town like Edmond has become.  Anyway, this was my first Brookhaven Run.  Apparently, this has been a traditional race over the years.  I was really impressed with the number of running participants.  Even more impressed with the level of elite runners present.  The organizers of the race had offered up money to any runner that was able to run the 5K under 16 minutes.  As a result, there were several runners from other states. 

This race was even more memorable for me today because my entire family was with me today.  I had completed several races without them because I didn’t want them to deal with the heat of the summer. 

Here is Frank ‘s message to me before the race.

Starting Line Pic…I’m the one wearing a running bib.

Brookhaven Run Start Line

Brookhaven Run Start Line

Here’s the Start Video…

As you can tell by the video, a bunch of runners.  I started out the race with the goal of running a medium paced run.  Shooting for a 27 or 28 minute run.  The details of the run were rather uneventful.  I took off at the same pace as I ended the race.  I did see a few people that I knew during the race. 

Here’s the finish line video…

After the race, the real race began.  Frank and Lydia were running in a race together. 

Frank and Lydia preparing for race

Frank and Lydia preparing for race

 The kids did great during the run.  Lyida did stop during the middle of the race to laugh at a large Alligator mascot.  Frank ran his little legs off.  I’m so glad that they came today and I hope that over time, events like this will pay off and they will choose a healthy lifestyle when they are older.

That’s about all for now.  I’m settling down for the day and gonna watch OSU and OU on TV.  Hoping to have a good 14 mile training run in the morning.  My next race will be in Midwest City (Rennaisance Run 5K). 

Special congrats to Kim L. for running the race today.  You did great and I hope to see you out there again soon.  Also a special shout out to my FB Buddy from Edmond.


One response to “Brookhaven Run 5K, Norman

  1. Hey, I saw you there! I was the guy wearing the number. 🙂 In my case #96.

    I love the kids run at the Brookhaven. One of the coolest things I have ever seen!

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