Woke up early this morning and went out and ran 10 miles with the OKC Landrunners.  The run had lots of hills around Lake Stanley Draper.  Today’s run marked the first time since the beginning of summer where I ran with no complications.  My quads did not shorten or knot up.  My groin did not feel off.  It was a beautiful run that matched the beautiful day.

My running buddies Brenda and Melissa ran this morning as well and they had a great time too.  It’s amazing how the runner’s mind works.  We all hated running the hills this morning, yet we all enjoyed the challenge.  I’m especially enjoying the after run conversations with other runners.  Very inspiring talks. 

The thought that keeps popping in my head is…. if it was easy, everyone would do it and I wouldn’t do it.  I am in love with the challenge of running and the sense of completion.  There is something special about training for 16 weeks and having it all come down to one 4 hour run on a Sunday morning.

I will continue to bike early in the mornings and run three times this week.  I’m siding with caution until the Route 66 gets closer.  Brookhave Run is on Saturday in Norman.  The training run will be on Sunday. 

Have a good week.


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