No Bull Just Mud

It was quite a saturday for me.  Before I get into race details i’d like to tell you about an incident I had on Saturday morning in a Walmart parking lot.  Went there early in the morning with my 4 year old son.  After shopping, we came out and got in our car.  I partially pulled out and then rolled my window down to talk to someone real fast.  During this time, an older lady pulled in around me.  She was screaming bloody murder at me.  Her intensity level far exceeded my actions to cause her distress.  On the drive home I explained to my 4 year old that we will not always be liked and we will sometimes make people mad.  I went on to tell him that you need to love people regardless of whether they love or like you.  At that moment my son said “God loves everyone alot.”  At that point all frustrations and anxieties melted away.  My 4 year soon had humbled me and made me proud, big time.

Now onto Saturday’s race.  Originally I had planned on “Running with the Bulls” 5K race in OKC.  I did a last minute scratch of the race.  A few days earlier I had went online to register for this race but online registration had closed.  Normally, this would not have been a big deal but according the the website, registration was not supposed to be closed yet.  This sent up a red flag for me.  I’ve had a few bad racing experiences with other races that were wishy washy on details such as inaccurate information.   

My family and I traveled to Tulsa to see my parents and to let me run the Mud Run.  FYI..i’m secretly still in love with Tulsa.

Tulsa Skyline

Tulsa Skyline


The Mud Run is exactly what it sounds like….a Mud Run.  This particular was was sponsored by Glen’s Racing Service.  This really made me feel good because I saw my name posted everywhere.  Hundreds of orange cones and chairs.

Look at the name

Look at the name

This does not get old for me

This does not get old for me

okay, i'm done

okay, i'm done

Now onto the specifics.  This is a 2 mile race the zig zags alot.  There are about 5 various obstacles that get repeated twice.  Most of the obstacles have a mud element to them.  Meet the obstacles



Tire ObstaclesTire Mud Pit


There you have the obstacles.  The race went off without a hitch, was running a medium pace in order to reduce the risk of injury.  Bethany from Norman was with me throughout the race too.  We took off at a medium pace and maintained this pace throughout the race.  The low crawl obstacle was pretty easy but the mud pit was pretty thick.  Really slowed me down.  Tire obstacles made me feel like football again.  Had to jump over some hay bails as well but that was pretty easy. 

I was pretty clean at this point.  That is when I reached the tire mud pit.  I went to dive through the tire into the mud, when all of a sudden my feet slid out from under me and I ended up falling on my rear in the mud.  I then had to get up and jump through the pit.  Based upon the mud, grit, and water, I could tell my mouth must have been open.  Immediately got out of the pit and began spitting. 

Here’s a few videos..

Next was the slip n slide.  I ended up getting stuck halfway down.  After that, I had to retrace the course again.  Much dirtier at this point.  The second time through the tire pit was a mess.  The second time through the slip n slide was easier.  Slid down all the way but had to put on the brakes because Bethany was already laying in the mud at the bottom.  Didn’t want 220 pounds crashing down on her.  In doing so, I began getting pelted by other people as they slide to the bottom. She owes me, big time. 

Bethany and I finsihed the race around the 21 minute mark.  Trust me, it’s much harder to run with soaked clothes and mud caked everywhere.  A little winded through some of the course.  Overall, a really cool race.  May do this one again but will take it even easier next time. 

Bethany and I smiling after mud run

Bethany and I smiling after mud run

After the long water hose line, I was able to get some mud off of me but I kept finding mud in my pockets and ears.  Finally, on my way to the car I decided to take one more picture.

Hooter's Girls and I

Hooter's Girls and I

One final note, when running a mud run….always bring an extra change of clothes.


One response to “No Bull Just Mud

  1. Yes! I do owe you Glen! I was hauling down the slide and not as fast to get up 🙂

    Thanks for running the race with me! I’m in for next year….

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