Running and Biking

Greetings all.  Hope the training is going well.  I’m feeling pretty good even though I accidentally slept through my alarm this morning.  Ended up missing the training run in Edmond.  Plan to do the run on Sunday.  My quad recovery is progressing nicely.  Very close to being back to 100 percent. 

This week marks the first week of me aggressively crosstraining.  As posted earlier, I have decreased my runs down to three times a week:  medium tempo run, sprint work, and long run.  The nonrunning days are spent crosstraining.  This week I bought the road bike and have begun crosstraining.  So far, i’ve felt like i’ve gotten plenty out of the biking.  Hope to increase the mileage over time and continue to run.  Running is still my baby but biking can give me more versatility in the form of a duathalon or freewheel.  No, triathalons are not on my short list right now.

Next week is pretty action-packed for me.  I return to work and the students come back on Thursday.  I then travel to Tulsa for the 2 mile mud run.  I will have the camera crew there for video and pictures.  I get to see a few of my Tulsa running buddies too. 

I’m still undecided about the OKC Running with the Bulls on the the same day as the mud run.  I could physically run the race but I think it all comes down to burgers.  Thats right, burgers.  They are serving burgers after the race and I really need to find out if they are any good.  Make no mistake, I will run for a proper hamburger.  So if you’ve run this race before, let me know about the burger quandry.  The following week is Brookhaven in Norman.  I’m so there.  Finally a race in my town.  Plus its super cheap. 

I’ll try to take pics of the me and the bike soon.  I’ll also start getting reflective as my one year running anniversary and blogging birthday gets closer. 

Adios for now.


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