Eye Surgery and Jimmie Carter Visit

Confusing title?  Sure is.  I’m combining two topics down into one post.  I had my much anticipated eye surgery on Thursday of this week.  Things went well and my eyes are recovering nicely.  I cannot start back to running until Sunday.  In other words, I will miss the offical LandRunner 8 mile training run.  Will make up for it on Sunday.

Eye Surgery Details

This was my second time having surgery.  The doctors were upfront in the beginning and said that I would need to do it twice thanks to my astigmatism.  I’ve been waiting all summer long for my eyes to stabilize after the first surgery.  They finally did so this week and I had my surgery the next day.  I have two videos that show exactly what I went through yesterday.  I am not in either video but you’ll get a better picture of what I had to go through.  Watch at you’re own risk.

I’ll let you decide which video is more accurate yesterday’s experience.  Regardless, my eyes are feeling better.  My vision is better today than yesterday.

Jimmie Carter

I was sitting in my house today, resting my eyes.  I just could not handle sitting in front of the TV any longer, especially knowing that a former President was speaking three miles away from me for free.   Pres. Jimmie Carter was speaking at a New Covenant Baptist Convention.  His message was “common interest outweigh devisive issues.”  I will not go political nor religious on you. 

The lighting was terrible but I did manage to get a few pictures.

President Carter Speaking to Convention

President Carter Speaking to Convention

The neat thing about all of this, thirty minutes before i’m in my living room watching a rerun of Maury about spouses and lie detector tests.  The next thing, i’m sitting 5 chairs from the former President of the United States.   15 yards from him when he was speaking.  Pretty cool regardless of political affiliation.

Here’s a quick video of the intro.

Alrighty…running resumes on Sunday.  Mud Run still in my sights for 22nd with the possibility of Run with the Bulls on the same date.  Brookhaven Sept. 5.  Talk to you later.


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