Road to Recovery

It’s been a great week in regards to my running.  Stretching routines before and after running have loosened my quads up and allowed me to begin running with some light intensity.  I’ve been giddy all week because it had been so long since I had ran without some sort of muscle problem.  Thank you Dr. C.

I am starting to get things going in my marathon training as well.  I do know that I have 15 weeks until the Route 66 marathon and therefore I will not push it too hard too quickly. 

This training session i’m relying more on the strategy of running three times a week and then cross training three days.  My workout consists of..

  1. Medium Tempo Run
  2. Sprint Work
  3. Long Distance Run
  4. Cross Training on non running days
  5. Rest one day

Ideally, my crosstraining will be sandwiched between days running.  If this sounds familiar here’s the book that i’m following….The book is a great read if you can get past several pages of charts and tables.  The nutrition, recovery, and stretching chapters are especially good.  Worth a read.


As mentioned earlier, i’m beginning to do more crosstraining rather than running 5 or 6 times a week.  So I bought a road bicycle today.  I’ve used a mountain bike before but never a road bike.  I decided to get a lower end bike just in case I messed it up.  Here’s a store pic of the bike.


The bike is a Giant Defy 3.  I’ll keep you posted on how i’m doing on it.  I do have potential ambitions of doing a duathalon someday. 

Here’s what is on tap for this month….

Switching gears real quick…keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow.  I’m finally getting the second lasik eye procedure performed.  This may knock me out of training for a few days but I will be glad its over.  I plan to blog in a few days and tell you how the surgery went.


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