Training Run #1

I dissed the Route 66 Marathon 1/4 run this morning in order to attend the OKC LandRunner training run.  Today’s run was at Stars n Stripes park (Lake Hefner).  We ran 6 miles and I sweated like I ran 10.  Actually I was pretty impressed with the turnout.  Not too bad for a training run that has been deemed minimal in comparisoon to the spring marathon training group. 

Saw familiar smiling faces.  I mostly kept to myself this morning.  Didn’t have any of my running crew with me.  I hope to have them join me in some of  these runs soon.  The best news of the day came when I met with Dr. Coniglione after the run.  He worked me over and thinks alot of my problems stem from a lack of stretching.   My quads were a knotted mess and he worked me over pretty good.  Must say, I do feel better now.  The groin still hurts some but the quads are feeling better today than in a long time. 

On the agenda….Right now I have a few races scheduled for late August.  Running with the Bulls in OKC and then a one mile mud run in Tulsa is slated for Aug. 22. 

I do have an eye appointment on Wednesday.  Hope this will mean that the surgery will occur soon thereafter.

Don’t be surprised if I start talking about a bike really soon.  I’ve been looking at road bikes.  I would like to use the bike to crosstrain.  I will let you know.  That is all I have to say for the day.  15 more weeks of training.


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