Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

I’m sitting at my computer at 2:01 in the morning.  Just came home from the Midnight Streak 5K race.  Right now, i’m icing my right groin/quad area.  That is an indicator on how my body responded to the stressed conditions of the race.  One thing for sure, something does have to give really soon about this injury.  I’ve been injured for about a month now and it appears to not be getting any better.  Will be attempting to make contact with Dr. Coniglione this week.  Route 66 marathon training starts in one week and I do not want to get left too far behind trying to recover from this injury.   Right now future races are very tentative.

Running has made such an impact in my life, I really cringe at the thought of being officially diagnosed with an injury.  If I am not diagnosed then it doesn’t exist, right?   Do hope it isn’t too serious.  Hope to continue to race, I can live with the symptoms and the slower times just as long as I can continue to run.  Will keep you posted on this pending situation and keep your fingers crossed.

Do not let the first paragraph fool you.  Despite the discomfort and setback, I had a blast running tonight.  Running on a bad leg is by far better than sitting on my rear in front of a TV.  Is that sick?  Maybe, Maybe not.  Its how I feel.

It’s amazing how a random conversation earlier in the day applied so well to the race later in the evening.  I had a really enlightening conversation with someone I had just met.  He gave me his two cents on running.  It really made sense to me so i’d like to pass it on to you.  He described running having three elements to it.  The physical component is the part where the body does the actual movements.  The Soul component is the component that consist of the heart (not physical heart), drive, giddyup,  or moxy.  Do not confuse the Soul with the religious salvation Soul.  The mental component seems to play the largest role according to his running theory.  The mental is the negotiator.  It is also  the component that connects the Soul component with the Physical component. 

Mental aspects talk or convince the body into following the desires of the soul when under extreme/harsh running events.  All runners have had their share of tests when running in a race or any run for that matter.  When the Mental Component is successful the true heart and soul of the runner manifests itself in the form of physical movements that ultimately result into some form of success.  In other words, you find out what you are made of.

I mentioned that this theory is interewined with later events.  All three components were present tonight.  A whole lot of negotiation was underway (thank you mental component).  In the end, parts of my Soul component became present and I was able to muster enough within myself to complete the race and feel overall successful.  However, I did want to tell you one more thing I learned tonight, hours after the original conversation, having friends with you when the body is being taxed during a race make the mental negotiations a lot easier.  The friend aspect helps the mental apsect convince the soul aspect to kick the physical aspects rear in gear.  Understand that? 

Quick Review : 

3 Aspects of Running

  1. Physical
  2. Mental
  3. Soul

Successful mental negotiations get the physical actions to meet the needs of the soul

It’s Race Time!!

As usual we made it to the race just in time (sarcasm).  The weather seemed to be more tolerable compared to the triple digit temperatures earlier in the day. 

Here’s the running crew for the night:

Bethany, Me, Melissa, Brenda, and Bill

Bethany, Me, Melissa, Brenda, and Bill

The race started a few minutes late but that was due to the larger than expected crowd.  Over 1,000 runners ran in the streak tonight.  When the starting gun went off, I came out of the gates under good control.  I gradually increased my pace.  Feeling pretty good when I ran by Melissa (fyi..she took off like a rabbit in the beginning).  Continued feeling pretty good until the 3K mark.  This is when the course went underneath a bridge and had a sharp turnaround.  Coincidentally it was also when I said hello to David L.    The turnaround looked harmless enough but this was the moment when my right groin reared its head.  My pace went down fast and my discomfort went up. 

I began looking over my shoulder hoping Melissa would come up on me.  Once she caught up to me, I tucked myself in behind her and focused on her feet.  Watching her feet allowed me to match stride with her and get my mind off of my discomfort and frustration.  Hence, the title of today’s blog entry. 

We both saw the finish line and I remember telling her to sprint to the end and I would not be following her.  Kinda wanted to see her finish like that.  Melissa is a runner that i’ve been working out with me this summer.  I didn’t want to sprint and possibly cause more injury plus I didn’t want her to to feel added pressure.  My competition is with my “self” and believe me, i’ve got my hands full with that.

Here’s the video of the finish.  You’ll see Melissa just ahead of me.  She’s the blonde wearing a read shirt.  Her husband is in charge of the camera.  He failed to notice his wife running by and focused on me instead.   I’m sure he won’t hear about that too much.

After the race, I made it to the finish line just in time to see Brenda and Bethany sprinting to the end.  They looked great.  Couldn’t get my camera on in time to do a video of them.  Bill ran a good race as well finishing about a minute ahead of Melissa and I. 

After the race, we got out the lawn chairs and coolers and did a little tailgating.  Very relaxing time and a chance to just be for awhile.  No one was in too much of a hurry to get home. 

Relaxing with Friends

Relaxing with Friends

Will definitely do more after race tailgaiting in the future.

Quick Notes and Random Pics

Brenda–Inside of ankle still hurt.  Wins the Johnny Cash award for wearing all black to the race.  Great idea since the race is in the dark.

Bethany–Has a deep affection for mints.  Chose to listen to them rattle as she ran rather than throw them away. 

Bethany, Brenda, and Melissa

Bethany, Brenda, and Melissa

Melissa–Running in fancy shoes nowadays and finally has admitted to Brenda that she has Zulu socks.  Continues to show me that she’s an athlete.

Kevin–Melissa’s husband aka Big Sexy.  Did a great job of being camera dude.  Professional tailgater.



Bill– Seems like his family had a great time at the race.  Another training partner doing well. 

Me, Melissa, and Bill

Me, Melissa, and Bill

FYI..Melissa (above pic) may be responding to having seen a dude that was pratically naked.  Bill is impersonating a statue and once again, I am incapable to putting my bib on straight.

Well that just about sums it up.  Uncertain about my next race or run.  I’m taking a few days off and see what the Dr. says about my situation.  Reality has prevailed and there is no way I can be trained and ready for KC Marathon given my current physcial status. 

Amongst all of the running uncertainty……Life is good.  I love to run and spend time with friends.


3 responses to “Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

  1. Love the blog! Thanks again for everything you do. Have no idea where I’d be right now if it weren’t for you. Might not even be running yet! I’m sorry about your injury. One would never know it by the way you help and encourage others:)

  2. What a great Blog! You are tons of fun, I enjoyed the race with you guys!

    BTW my monster Jonah ate all the mints during church 🙂

  3. Just case you haven’t seen…

    You guys did really well.

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