Changes on the Horizon

Update…Took the four days off and i’m feeling better.  My groin injury is only a slight factor right now.  My biggest concern is my speed or lack thereof.  Right now, I just cannot muster enough speed to match what i’m used to doing.  I am hoping that the heat is the culprit, even though i’ve been running in the morning or evenings.

Coming Soon….The midnight streak is next weekend.

I am really stoked about this 5K race.  If things go my way, i’ll have several running buddies with me which really enhances the race experience.  Plus the race is at 11:00 p.m. which is definitely to my benefit; i’m a night person.  It’s amazing how a simple little race can rejuvenate tired and sore legs.  Camera crew (wife) should be at this race.

Finally, I will be entering Marathon Training Mode next week.  I truly need this structure back in my running life.  I am a definite for the Kansas City Marathon in October.  I’m hoping to run the race in preparation for the Route 66 which i’m putting my running emphasis on for the fall.  I’m hoping to improve last years time of 4:15. 

Summer is definitely a slow time for runners.  I am not a big fall guy because that means I have to return to work but atleast there will be a plethora of races in the fall.  Oh, and Sooner Football.

Good luck to the folks going to the San Fran. marathon. 

That is all.



2 responses to “Changes on the Horizon

  1. I’m sure you will do great in the KC Marathon and the Route 66.

  2. No sooner had I written the last post about the KC Marathon then my body came up lame with that same groin pull. I just cannot seem to get it well. I’m open to any advice in regards to healing this injury.

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