Rest and Recovery?

As some of you may know, I’ve taken the last 4 days off from running in order to let my body heal from the rigors of summer training so far.  This has also been a good time to evaluate my progress so far.  Here’s what i’ve learned over this short rest.

  1. I love running and hate to miss too many days
  2. My injury is a groin injury…I was running so much that I couldn’t pinpoint my injury until I finally took a few days off and paid attention.
  3. I’m nowhere near my weightloss goals–My bad eating habits have reared it’s ugly head again.

I will begin running again on Monday.  Although, i’ve learned through internet searching that I will need to run primarily straight forward and not take sharp right and left turns.  My sprint work on the track and stair work at the stadium will need to be on hold for awhile as well.

Working out twice a day will need to cease.  My re focus will be on having one good workout and eating right the rest of the day.  I was guilty of overworking out to compensate for my eating choices.   The fact is I love food..somehow I made running as a lifestyle rather than a fad and things have stuck.   I guess at this point, I need to find a way to make good eating choices a lifestyle as well.  

Due up….Midnight streak and the Route 66 1/4 marathon in Tulsa. 

On a side note…went to a women’s roller derby match last night and I had a blast.  I am convinced that every single woman on that Oklahoma team could have beat my rear thoroughly.  Thats is all.

Red Dirt Rebellion--Women's Roller Derby


One response to “Rest and Recovery?

  1. Been a long 4 days!

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