Update and Looking Forward

The summer is in full force.  The temperatures are high and the winds are low.  I continue to work hard with my running.  I’ve run into several snags over the last few weeks though.  I continue to have a groin strain that is limiting  my stride and speed.  I go easy on it for a few days and things feel fine and then i’ll take off too fast and back to square one.

Another issue right now is my bronchitis.  I just went off of a Z pack and I do feel like my infection is gone but my allergies remain and I continue to heavily cough.  No doubt, my lung capacity is lacking right now.  Once again, I continue to push through this problem.  I do goto my next eye appointment next week.  If my eyesight has remained the same, then i’ll be doing my 2nd part of eye surgery.  I’m hoping to get it down around the 10th of July. 

I do plan to run the Bethany Freedom run but I other than that, i’m still trying to lose weight before I start my big fall marathon training push.  I’m hoping to officially start in mid July.  That is the reason for my eye surgery being on the 10th (give or take a day or two).  Right now my body is really banged up but I am having a blast with things.  I am having great workouts with wonderful people.  Get past my strained groin and constant coughing and you’ll find a pretty happy runner right now.

Ah I love summer.


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