I’m Still Here

It’s been a week or so since I last blogged and so I wanted to touch base real quick.  Last Saturday was a busy day for me.  My wife volunteered me for Saturday Vacation Bible School at my church.  Unlike most VBS’s, this was a one day, all day event.  My role was to be a team leader for 5 kids.   By the end of the day, I was pretty tired.  I thought long and hard about attending the Downtown Dash in OKC later that day.  In the end, I didn’t feel properly prepared to run that night.  I had little to eat the entire day and almost no fluid intake. 

I will be running in the Super Summer 8K on Saturday.  I’m having trouble finding information about this race but i’ll show up early at Stars and Stripes park with plenty of money to enter.  This will be a medium run for me because of the heavy toll my body goes through the entire week.  My next run for a decent time will be on July 4th.

I continue to work hard with my running and cross training.  I’m running frequently throughout the week but distances vary and speeds vary.  I’ve started running sprints and then stairs at the stadium.  If you’ve ever been in the Memorial Stadium, you’d know that running them is quite a feat.  168 stairs per set that go straight up. 

Tonight was the first time I ran a hard one mile on a track.  I wanted to see where I stand with respect to time.  I ended up running a 7:22.  I failed to fully empty the tank during this run.  However, this is a good point of reference for me.  I do plan to run this distance again several weeks down the road to see if I can improve my time. 

As many of you know, i’m working on reducing my weight.  I’ve rebounded a little from last week.  I have had to refocus my energies toward losing more weight.  I’m having a hard time on the weekends.  End up eating out and sabotaging my diet.  Gonna take some self control.  Want to get me weight down before I begin marathon training in mid July.

I will blog Saturday after the Super Summer race.  Not sure if i’ll have pics but I sure will try to.


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