Weight Loss Week

It’s been quite a week for me.  Let me give you the big picture.  I have increased my workout in length and number.  I have made a concentrated effort to decrease my caloric intake.  As a result, I have lost 13 pounds in 4 days.  I do know that it  isn’t healthy or safe.  I was ignorant.  I misunderstood the caloric intake and was only eating 1,200 calories which is great…..if you are an inactive woman.  Didn’t realize that and almost paid for it this morning.  About a mile into my run I experience some big time dizziness.  Had to stop running.  This is almost unheard of for me but I could not see straight.  Luckily I had someone with me at the time.  She gave me pretty good eating vs. exercising lecture.  Will admit that I still ended up running about three miles anyway once the dizziness left.

While i’m talking about this morning, I was running when all of a sudden my “lil buddy” jumped up in the air and started doing high knees.  She screamed out the word “SNAKE!!”  This totally freaked me out, when I turned and looked back I saw a decent size snake looking at us.  I had just missed stepping on this creature.  Glad I had not been bitten.  Not positve of whether it was poisonous.

Okay, back to my weighloss.  This week has been crazy humid.  The sweat has been flying off of me.  Anyone that gets near me gets hit with sweat.  Nasty.

Here’s what i’ve been doing this week…

  • Short Runs
  • Long Run
  • Speed Runs/Treadmill
  • Stadium Stairs
  • Track Sprints
  • Spin Class at Y
  • Wii Fit

Right now i’m at 211 and just 11 pounds away from a major goal i’ve had for over 15 years.  I do plan to continue to work hard and harder but I also plan on being smarter with my food selections.  You’ll know on this blog when I reach my goal…trust me…you will know.

Next up, Super Summer.



One response to “Weight Loss Week

  1. There are so many comments that could come from you being an inactive woman….I mean my mind is going all over the place and is so excited it doesn’t no where to begin!!! LOL. I will choose to be “nice”, which Iknow doesn’t happen very often, so don’t get too comfy. Honestly, I admire your ambitious goal. I know when I was able to reach those fitness & weight goals a year ago how great it feels…and looks! Good luck. Don’t forget your fruits and vegetables.

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