Sooner State Games

Greetings readers.  Ran the Sooner State Games this morning.  I woke up bright and early this morning and headed out without my camera crew (Allona and kids) and without my little running buddy (Brenda).  I was flying solo this morning.  Kinda solo, Sue and her family would be at the race.  Anyway, I knew how to get to Lake Overholser Route 66 park.  Which would have been great….if the race had been held at this park.  Instead the race was held on the other side of the lake by the dam.

Seems simple, get to the lake and drive around the lake until you see the runners.  Unfortunately this was not the case.  Several parts of the road were closed for construction.  So I joined a caravan of cars driving through neighborhoods attempting to get to the correct locale.  Finally made it and was running behind according to my standards.  People that know me know that I get to everything early, super early.  I’d rather wait than rush.

Made it to the registration line.  This line was pretty long.  Once I reached the front of the line, a pivotal moment of my day occurred.  I hadn’t really decided which race I was going to run…5K, 10K, or half marathon.

Behind Door Number One:  5K—Quick, Flat, Easy, Enjoy Festivities, Return Home in Plenty of Time, No Soreness

Behind Door Number Two:  10K–Fairly Quick, Flat, More Energy Involved, LongerTime, Slight Soreness

Behind Door Number Three: Half Marathon–Long, Time Consuming, Energy Depletion, Soreness, Fatigue

I chose just as any rational human running being would choose—Door Number Three.  The one word “half” came out of my mouth when the lady asked me which run?  My fast and hasty decision was based upon the cloud cover and a nearby rainshower.  Cooler temperatures..right?

Unfortunatly for me and others, the sun came out in full force along with a pretty steady wind.  Not good race conditions.  I had guessed wrong and was gonna pay for it.

Here are some pics shot by Sue’s husband Butch.  Thanks for taking the role of camera crew in my wife’s absence.



Not sure what is happening in picture above.  My theory is due to the shortage of porta potties, one individual decided to use the restroom military style….by digging a hole.  Perhaps you have a better theory.

Sue and Carla

Sue and Carla

This pic is of Sue and Carla.  It almost looks like they got together to color coordinate the race.  Sue decided to run the 5K and Carla ran the half.  FYI..Sue is looking fit.  One of the toughest racing gals or people I know.  Ask her about her Memorial  Half experience if you ever see her at a race.

Start of Race

Start of Race

Here is the starting line shot.  I suspect there were more runners this year compared to last year.  All three races started at the same time.  If you look closely, you will see the ever secure-with-oneself, shirtless runner.  I do not have the physique to run without a shirt…wouldn’t be pretty.  People would expect fries with that shake.

My worst fear is for a fat shirtless dude to set next to me at a ballgame on a hot sunny afternoon.

About 2 Miles Away

About 2 Miles Away

The race started fairly normal.  Some runners jockeying for position.  I was more focused on establishing a manageable pace.  Having the lake next to the course was awesome to see.  I’m easily fascinated with lakes, etc.  The Sun was kickin’ and the winds were strong.  Another big issue for me was the course surface.  The road was beat up at times.  Perhaps i’m affected more so than others but my legs get torn up when i’m running to avoid large cracks in the road.  The road did get better about a third of the way into the race. 

A major issue that I do need to address was very serious to me.  Water.  Or lack of water.  Water stops were at mile 1.5, 3, and 6.5.  See the problem?  Yup, in the middle of the race there is a point where only one water stop is available over the course of 6.5–7.0 miles.  This is pretty serious given the fact that the half marathoners are out in the heat, humidity, and winds.  Hydration is a serious issue and I feel that this race did not H20 support the half marathoners.  Seious hydrations issues occur in races, especially when you are running 13.1 miles.  I would hear the same issue being brought up by anyone who ran the half marathon after the race.

I really would recommend a 5K or 10K next year unless you know for sure there are more water stops.  Anyway, back to the running….I kept a pretty good pace.  Ran just under 7 miles the first hour.  I was on pace to have pretty good time for myself.  However, I did lose it in the end.  The heat and dehydration became issues for me as well as the last third of the road.  This was an out and back race.  Therefore the torn up road at the beginnig was the final section of road at the end. 

I did finish the race around 2:04 which is pretty par for the course for me.  I do believe I could have ran the race faster had I prepared.  Carbing could have helped too.  Ultimately self preservation won out over time.  I did get a slight neck cramp at the very end of the race which did scare me.  Same type of cramp I got during the Tulsa Winter Fest Run which was also a really rough surface course and not properly water supported.  Hmmm. 

A special congrats to Sue.  She won her age group for the 5K.   Also, nice job to Sue’s friend Carla.  She ran the half in just over 2 hours as well.

Sue in Black Finishing

Sue in Black Finishing

Here’s a few random photos…I do see a few landrunners in them.

Random Photos

Random Photos

More random

More random

Okay….after the race I chilled out and talked to Maurice.  Appreciate him helping to get water provided at the end of the race.  Sounds like David L, had a challenging but good run, he was always ahead of me.  Jason ran for fun and looks like he’ll be back really soon.

Final thoughts….Water is a good thing.  It’s your friend. You know when it’s not there.

Final shout out to that thoughtful neighbor who decided to mow his ditch during the race.  The added dust and grass being shot onto the course as runners ran by was a nice touch.  

Super 8 is next up in a few weeks.  I will be working hard to lose weight in the meantime.  I will need to just run that race for fun and not speed.


4 responses to “Sooner State Games

  1. You forgot to mention the roadblock of kittens. Did you see the one runner stop to carry stray kittens off of the course?

  2. Great job and good to see you there. I think most of us lost 5-10 minutes due to the combination of heat, humidity, wind and lack of fluids.

  3. Well you made it through, that’s a good thing. Sucks that the race didn’t have the proper amount of water. It was very hot yesterday I don’t know how you made it through without water. Good job though. See you at the Super 8.

  4. I’m approaching my first year of running and i’m starting to figure out what races to particpate in and other to avoid. There are some common characteristics such as being able to find information about a race, easily. Is the sponser reliable? For instance, Devon tends to rock when they sponser a race. Word of mouth is another good indicator….that’s what kept me from the Payne Marathon a few weeks ago and i’m thankful for that. Anyway, i’m wordy tonight. Adios.

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