Quiet Night of Running

Awesome night to run on the OU campus.  The students are in-between semesters so the campus is really underpopulated and quiet.  The temperature was very manageable and the wind was not a factor.  A half moon shown above as I ran my six miles.  The mileage seemed easy and my speed was average.  I do feel my base speed is increasing overall. 

What was even neater than the run itself, was on the outskirts of the campus….one could stop and watch the NCAA Track Championships or goto the Southernmost part of campus and watch the baseball regionals.  Periodically one could hear large crowds cheering wildly in the distance.  There is still some sort of innocent in college athletics.

Norman is a good town but it’s a great town when OU lets out for the summer.  The students are alright but crowding issues persist during the school year.  Norman continues to keep small town roads leading into the campus even though they have big city traffic.  Norman is the third largest city in Oklahoma (overtook Lawton a few years ago). 

Anyway, just wanted to share my night with you.

Will be meeting with Melissa and discussing summer goals with her and Brenda.  We are going to implement some sort of accountability system with each other.  You will get to meet Melissa on the blog in due time.  She is a wonderful being and an awesome athlete. 

Still debating on the Sooner Games next week.  May run the 1/2 marathon.  Depending on heat and whether I have to have eye surgery next week. 

Okay….Adios for now.


2 responses to “Quiet Night of Running

  1. Ashley Snyder

    Good luck if you decide to do the half marathon! We are going camping that weekend.

  2. I’m leaning heavily to the 5K due to the temperatures. Kinda bummed you didin’t make it but we’ll try to coordinate in the future. Start thinking about a potential KC Marathon in mid October, followed but by Route 66.

    Brenda and I have discussed making it down to Tulsa for a training run someday.

    Anyway, keep on rockin’ in the free world.

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