I’m less than one week and i’ll be out for summer vacation.  Its been a challenging year but overall I can’t complain.  I’m looking forward to having time to workout and prepare my body for fall challenges such as the Route 66 and Dallas Whiterock Marathon.  I’m leaning heavily towards running these races.  I am shooting for the Route 66 to gauge where I stand in regards to time.  I am hoping to shed time off of last years 4:15:00.  However, I will be happy if i’m running injury free.

I have slowed my weight loss down this week even though this is the last week of the biggest loser at work.  I just cannot keep playing around with my water weight.  I feel that this does little for me.  I am more content with losing one true pound a week than 5 pounds of water. 

Races….I may run the Sooner State Games half marathon in a few weeks.  Although there is a chance that I will miss this race.  At some point in the early summer I will need to have step two of my eye laser surgery.  I’d like to have it done in early summer so it will not interfere with my workouts.

I will run a few of the Landrunner series races this summer but those are few and far between.  I will post summer goals on the blog shortly.  Adios.


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