Gallop–A Fast Gait of a Horse

Ran the Gusher Gallop 5K this morning.  I was kinda worried early on about this race because of the potential for rain.  Woke up early and played the typical scavenger hunt for my spandex in the house.  Picked up my little running buddy Brenda and off we went to the East Wharf on Lake Hefner. 

Very smooth pre race other than Brenda trying to pin my bib on her front.  Our warm up before the race consisted of us running quickly to the Porta Potty.  We made it to the starting line minutes before the gun went off.

As the race began I tried hard to get a steady pace.  Too often I start out fast and then go back and forth between fast and slow.  This pace is very similar to my wife as she drives down the road.  Last week I was somewhat successful when I was able to start medium and work my way to a little speed.  This week I had more success as a result of similar strategies.  I found David and later Chuck who seemed to be running my desired pace for the race. 

I ended up running the vast majority of the race with them.  I suspect that I ran a tad bit faster with them but that is the power of other people.  Having other people around helps keep you focused and motivated.  For me it keeps my mind interested in maintaining a speed.

The final home stretch I decided to see if I had a little bit in the tank.  I was able to sprint maybe the last 50 yards.  It is always an attempt to empty to tank.  I like to atleast think that I left it all on the course.  My time was 23 something which is about one minute quicker than I had been doing.  I can live with that.

Now this was my 5th race in 4 weeks.  Am I burned out?  Nope.  However, I do recognize that I need to take a step back and focus on my weight.  Running and weight control will be two big aspects of my summer.  I will be talking about both in future blogs. 

This was one of the first races that I barely used my camera.  My cameras crew (wife) stayed home today and so I was able to snag one video on my camera because I left the SD card at home.  Just so happens I got a video of Brenda breaking her PR and running the 5K in just under 30 minutes.  This is a major milestone for her.  Two weeks in a row i’ve got to see my Memorial Training buddies reach a milestone.  Talk about reward and emotional.

Don’t worry I will take lots of pictures in the future.

Have a great week.


2 responses to “Gallop–A Fast Gait of a Horse

  1. Ashley Snyder

    Just had to let you know that I ran a half this weekend, and had a PR of 2:03!

  2. Cool. That is crankin’ it out fast. I am debating the race length for the Sooner Games. Hope to see you there. Keep on rockin’ in the free world.

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