Gusher Gallop on Saturday

We are in the middle of week and i’m gooing full steam ahead on my exercise and running.  I’m less than two weeks away from being done with the “biggest loser” at work.  I’m currently in second place right now and have been struggling to lose weight because of the pre carb marathon and then the pigging out after the marathon.  Pretty big set back but needed for my overall health. 

My family is out of town this week and all I am doing is running, shredding, and biking.   I’ll take off for an hour or two but then I go back after it.  This is not in the best interest of my running but I am pretty obsessed with losing weight and keeping it down in order to run with more ease and hopefully faster. 

Right now i’m around 215 pounds and I would love to make it below 200 pounds.  I haven’t been below 200 pounds in over a decade.  I’d like to start speedwork and eventually marathon training around the 190 pound mark.  I would like to think that these are realistic goals. 

I will be running the Gusher Gallop 5K at Starts and Stripes park this weekend.  It will be a pretty low key race for me.  I will be around friends.  My family will stay home and take a much needed break from my constant weekend racing.  Mentally, I am nearing the end of my racing season until fall.  I’m doing a few races here and there but nothing too major.  I’ve earned rest and relaxation from racing. 

That is about it.  Have a great rest of the week and hope to see you at the race on Saturday.


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