Taking in Clean Air under a Full Moon

What a Saturday!?!  This day featured two 5K races in two different cities on the same day.  I wanted to run the OKC Zoo Clean Air because its a Series race for the OKC Landrunners.  I am trying to make a point to run as many series races as possible.  The race in the evening was called the Full Moon Cafe Run and was in Tulsa.  I have always wanted to run this race even before I started running. 

  • OKC Zoo Clean Air Run

This run had a really nice family atmosphere.  There was a Xylophone kids band that was really neat.  The course was well paved and not overly imposing.  Equal amounts of downhill vs. uphill running.  The temperatures were cooler and wind wasn’t too much af a factor.  All the ingredients for an enjoyable race. 

Frank was dancing away to the Xylophone band.  We were wondering why he was so happy until we looked off into the distance…..He could see the “Fry Store.”  That was the reason he was so happy.

Fry Store

Fry Store

Frank, Lydia, and Dad by Fire Truck

Frank, Lydia, and Dad by Fire Truck

One of my good running buddies was at this race, Alex.  She ran with me in the Memorial. 
Alex, Katie, Glen, and Frank

Alex, Katie, Glen, and Frank

I will tell you more about Alex later in the blog.  It was good to meet Katie and perhaps she’ll make the blog in the future.  I’m sure she has written that down as a new goal for her, “Make Glen’s Blog.”

I have decided to keep the start of the race video after I had a few readers comment that they like the start videos.  Thanks for your feedback.  Now roll that beautiful bean footage.

Okay, here’s the real start video…..

 I actually tried to start the race off at a medium pace and build up speed to the end.  Well, that startegy worked?  I guess.  I ended up with the same time I would have had if I took off fast and burned out in the end.  It’s all good. 

As you can tell by the video, my corn cobb running style remains no matter how fast I go.  One more interesting thing about this race was the huge, cold rain that began to fall in the middle of the race.  Very refreshing but made footing a little uneasy.  First race i’ve run in the rain.  

After the race, I had the family goto the car while I stayed behind in the rain to watch Alex finish the race.  I’m glad I did because she had a PR in this race.  She busted her previous PR by a minute and a half and has now broke under the 30 minute mark.  Congrats. 

One last thing……..

Frank took a wonderful picture with Blaze  who is a furry blue dragon at this race.

Frank and Blaze

Frank and Blaze

 Based upon this picture, we didn’t realize the tragedy that would soon follow.

All were alright in the making of that video. 

Next, we got in our car and drove 121 miles to Tulsa it’s ………….

  • Full Moon Cafe Run time

This run has been on my radar for quite sometime.  Brenda had helped seal the deal for me earlier in the month.  Unfortunately she was uanble to make it to the race.  I know she missed being there and will make up for it at a later race.

The Full Moon Race featured an easy course at night with lots of festivities after the race.  So I was pretty stoked about having fun.  Especially when there is a Led Zeppelin Tribute Band.

I had a close friend starting the race with me named Dwayne.  He was the friend that ran with me during my very first race ever. 

Dwayne and Glen

Dwayne and Glen

When we went to the starting line to line up with 2,000 other runners…we saw Ashley.  Ashley is a new runner that is really improving every time I see her.  You’ll see no video footage of her today…she’s too quick for me to get back to my camera after the race.   Here’s her blog in case you are interested   http://runnergirltulsa.blogspot.com/  , she’s a great writer that is hilarious.  I am working on her to blog more. 

Bring on the Full Moon Run

Bring on the Full Moon Run

Anyway, the gun started and the chaos began.  This race had so many runners that you were slowly jogging at some points and being cut off frequently.  I’m not a big complainer but if your shoulder to shoulder with 1,000’s of people, don’t turn your IPOD on.  Everytime I was cut off by a runner, an IPOD was present.  I reckon there is a time and place for an IPOD, not the first 1/2 mile of a race.

I started the race off identical to earlier in the morning.  Medium pace and worked myself up to a faster speed.  It did take about a mile before I could truly get me legs stretched out.  I will also admit I zoned out people watching too.  I hit my stride when I saw an older gentlement running the pace I wanted to run.  He also had a Fleet Feet shirt on which made me believe that he knew what he was doing.  I pulled in behind him and run 2/3 of the race pacing off of his steps.  The last sraightaway I thanked him and took off for the final push.  I actually had some fuel still in the tank.  I gave it my all and finished within a 10 seconds of my time earlier in the day (Clean Air Run).  The last 5  short races have all had similar times.  Can we say “Plateau?”  That’s okay.  I have summer to change things around.

Here are some of the finsih videos that I have…..

That is me fighting to the very end.  Very rewarding race.  Life is really good.

Congrats to Dwayne for finishing and doing so with a great time.  Good Job!

Now, the next video is of April.  I enjoy getting to see April every once in awhile when our race worlds meet up.  April has been working with a Tulsa training group.  I can tell that she is getting better.  When I saw her running the final stretch with such conviction, kinda teared me up a bit.  That is totally inspiring to see a runner improve like she has and too see her laying it all out there on the home stretch.  She may do a marathon soon,  i’ll look for ways to incorporate that into my blog.

Speaking of improvement, Ashley (mentioned earlier) is getting really fast.  I think she’s about two months away from her being the one who takes video shots of me in these races.  She came in just after me and it appears that her drive to getter faster is high.  She is working up to the San Fancisco Marathon.  She’ll do great….Heck she ran the Beacon and the Memorial this year.  That’ll toughen you up pretty fast. 

After the race I found out that anouther good friend ran the race.  Doug went out and ran the race in 23 something minutes.  That may sound ordinary until you find out that he had only run one time leading up to the race.  He has always been like that.  He could be a stallion if he ever trained.

Dwayne, Glen, and Doug

Dwayne, Glen, and Doug

After the race I was able to meet up with April and Ashley.  They were nice as ever.  Got to talk about the old days with Dwayne and Doug.  Russell also showed up and I had a good conversation with him.  I planted the seeds of some running roadtrips with him. 

The Led Zeppelin Tribute band did justice to the actual band.  A middle aged drunk lady engaged me in a conversation that I could not get out of for several minutes.   My wife and I left Tulsa and returned to Norman at 1:30 a.m.   What a day!!!  Two awesome 5K’s in one day. 

Up next, Gusher Gallop?  Maybe.


2 responses to “Taking in Clean Air under a Full Moon

  1. Looks like “Blaze” went smooth blazen over that little kid! Glad you had successful runs again. I am looking forward to a summer semester of schooling, hopefully I can run and ride more since work won’t be on the list.

  2. Ashley Snyder

    We saw that drunk lady dancing wildly! How funny, I thought maybe you knew her:)
    Thanks for the support-I am looking forward to doing another 5K soon. Keep me informed of the OKC schedule!

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