All is quiet

Greetings all.  It’s been a fairly quiet week here.  I”ve been running short distances and doing Jillian’s 30 day shred.  I’m currently in a heated biggest loser battle at work.  I’ve lost about 12 pounds so far which is pretty good since i’ve had to carb up on a few occassions for big races.  Anyway, i’ve got a big weekend ahead.  Will be running in the OKC Zoo Run and then traveling to Tulsa for the Full Moon Cafe Run.  I’ve been waiting for this second run for quite some time.  My gosh, they have a Led Zeppelin Tribute band after the race. 

I will be running on very tired legs so i’m not expecting very much when it comes to time.  Just doing too much weight loss exercises to adequately allow my muscles to rest.  This weight loss push is the first step of my plan to better myself as a runner.  I would like to be running under 200 pounds before fall training for the Route 66 Marathon.  I haven’t seen 200 pounds in over a decade.  That’d be nice.


One response to “All is quiet

  1. You can do it!!!

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