Bricktown Blaze 5K…Still Recovering

Ran the Bricktown Blaze 5K tonight and had a blast.  This was a very small race that was very fun.  It’s nice to run a low key race.  Admittingly, I quickly found out that i’m still recovering from the Marathon last week.   My time was slow and my run felt sluggish.  Who cares?  I had a blast regardless.

Here is the standard start of the race video that you frequently see on the blog.

I can barely be seen in this video because i’m wearing white and my speed is too great for the camera (not). 

The race course was really pretty easy with very few hills.  The course takes you to a halfway point and then you turn back.  The return back was easier to run than the first half. 

I had moments where I was running at a fairly nice clip but more times than not I was just maintaining an 8 minute mile speed.  Which my overall time reflects that.  Right now its pretty easy to guess when I will cross a finish line for a 5K race.  I will run between a 24:30 and 25:30 almost everytime.  This is one reason why my goal for the summer is to lose weight and work on my 5K and 10K times.  This will require hard work and time which I will have plenty this summer thanks to my job in education.

Here’s my finish of the race.

Brenda also ran this race.  Here’s her dramatic finish.

She had an interesting story for the race.  She swapped positions with another lady several times throughout the race.  On the final stretch, a LandRunner (think his last name is Kuykendall) told her not to let that lady pass her.  The motivation worked and Brenda finished strong.  Lesson?  Cheer on fellow runners because this type of encouragement/motivation does make a difference. 

After the race, we all went to the OKC Redhawk game and enjoyed life.

Up next, OKC Zoo Run and Full Moon Cafe Run (Tulsa).  Will be running two 5K races in one day.  I don’t know any better.   FYI..locked myself in for the Route 66 Marathon on Nov. 22. 

Good luck to those who traveled over to Ft. Collins for the marathon.


3 responses to “Bricktown Blaze 5K…Still Recovering

  1. Thank you for sharing the videos! Our family is on your starting video at second 50. This is great, we get to see how fast we waddle. 😉 You did great, both you and Brenda, thanks for sharing! The little boy giving the commentary sounds adorable, too.

  2. Awesome run! Love the videos. So you’re committed to Tulsa now, that great. C-ya there.

  3. I’m looking forward to Route 66 in Nov. Route 66 will also have a 1/4 marathon in August showcasing the next part of the upcoming marathon (downtown). Right now i’m running on tired legs but I keep doing races because they are fun and enjoy the people around the races. Of course my defnition of tired and yours are two different things right now.

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