Memorial Marathon Eve.

Here’s we are…it’s go time.  It’s on!!!  Like Donkey Kong!!  Anyway, the training is complete, volunteered for packet stuffing, and visited the runners expo.  All the experiences are in place except for the actual race day festivities.

Brenda is almost uncontainable with her emotions.  Alex is playing the calm and cool card.  I’m sure she’s worried about her running garments for tomorrow.  She will have to wear something other than the Disney Marathon jacket. I am in a great mood but I do worry about the weather.  I need it to be overcast in the 60’s.  The cooler the better without the wind.  Fatboys like me do not like the hot. 

I will be posting as soon as I can on Sunday evening that we’ve made it through the race.  However, our progress can be following at     This website lets you fill in the runners name and your cell phone number.  It will give you updates on where we’re at on the course.  Pretty neat.

Oh wait…one more thing.  Last nights dream.  I always have such vivid dreams the last few days leading up to a marathon.  Never understood why this occurs but it does.  Anyway, I just work up from it and want to put it on the blog before I forget it.  Ever want to know what kind of dream you’d get if you crossed an ex-science teacher with a current librarian…here it is….in my dream I was back at my childhood home of Tulsa.  This area is very special to me for many reasons but one of the biggest reasons is the massive amount of trees and nature.   In this dream workers were sent to cut the trees down.  As the trees were falling down at a record pace, I was struggling, fighting to stop the destruction.  No matter how hard I tried, I could not stop the workers.  Especially since they switched the workers to women instead of men after I had been fist fighting them.  Can’t hit a girl, remember!! 

Why did I have this dream?  What does it mean?  My wife’s theory is that we had a conversation about my clover patch in the front yard that i’m refusing to mow over.  Everytime I get ready to mow over it I see three or four honey bees on the clovers.  I just cannot destroy they’re food when they are so scarce in this world.  Anyway, I have these huge clover patches in my front yard and I keep waiting for the City of Norman to put little red signs in my yard telling me how bad of  a house owner I am. 

My theory is that I was in Bricktown the night before and was put off by all of the “progress.”  Unfortunately for me, progress means destruction.  Take Norman for instance, Norman clears land at a rapid pace.  Then they throw up some cheesy restautrant that will most likely be out of business a few years later.  In other cases they clear land just to make a “cookie cutter” house.  Its okay to have restaurants and houses but we already have used houses and restaurant structures setting empty.  I’m about enhancing what we have instead of what we can get.  Progress in not always good.

One more example as i’m getting on my soapbox.  Edmond, I love Edmond.  I have an in-law that lives in South Edmond almost into the next county.  I’m watching as they level out beautiful land and put in “McMansions” or “Starter Castles.”  This is a horrible waste of land.  Like I say, I love Edmond and I could perhaps live there someday.  We are just making unwise choices that have implications on our children and grandchildren.

Finally, does this dream have something to do with my marathon tomorrow?  Can it be good? Perhaps the trees are the Elite runners.  Not sure.  We’ll find out tomrrow if there are any parallels.

Race Time!!!!!!!!!


3 responses to “Memorial Marathon Eve.

  1. Came across your blog on the Landrunners forums. Just want to give you a big “good luck!”

  2. Glad you stopped by the blog. Thanks for the luck. I’m ready to get it started. Its been a fun journey and definitely one I’d like to take again. I suspect the Landrunners do not, but I would love for them to do training runs for the Route 66 Marathon in November.

  3. It is here….can’t believe it. Wow, we are going to have a memory that will stick with us the rest of our lives.

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