Runnin’ Down a Dream!!!

The much anticipated blog before the race is here.  As usual, i’m in a very sentimental mood just days before the big run.  This will mark my third marathon.  This particular marathon will be the first marathon where I will be running with two close friends the entire race.  This has been a team effort and will be run as a team.  I mark this training season as the “journey.”  This journey has been long with plenty of ups and downs.  Its hard to believe that all four months of my training will lead to a climatic end Sunday around midday. 

All of this started when Brenda and I decided to join the OKC Landrunners and to begin doing training runs with them that would lead up to the Memorial Marathon.  Since January 3, we have only missed a few training runs.  We’ve run all kinds of distances in all kinds of weather. 

In many cases the wind and cold temperatures awaited us as we crawled out of our beds early Saturday or Sunday morning.  Cannot believe it, I was out of bed before 5 on a weekend just to run.  Anyway, we’ve ran all over Oklahoma City. 

Over these last 4 months strong bonds have been forged and I can honestly say that I have two very good friends that I will run with in the Memorial.  This race is about them and about us.  Not about times, not about distances.  Its about doing something monumental together.  Supporting one another and encouraging each other.  I want to remember those lives lost in the bombing.  I also want to celebrate life and friendships as well.

This will be an emotional run for me.  I will drop a tear or two.  I get very emotional when I get near the Memorial.  The sunrise service will tug at me and then having the OU Pride playing as we cross the start line will get the juices flowing. 

I keep playing the final quarter mile of the race in my head.  I keep imagining turning the courner and seeing the finish line.  I keep imagining seeing the looks on my friends’ faces.  Cannot wait to embrace the sense of accomplishiment.  Do believe that this race represents so much more than I can ever convey on this blog.  It really touches me to think that Alex and Brenda are allowing me to be a part of their first marathon memory. 

Okay….I’m going “sappy’ tonight.  I will close at that for now.  I may post one more time before the race.


One response to “Runnin’ Down a Dream!!!

  1. I want to cry! That is our year of running! How cool!!!

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