Changing Over

Quick Rundown of upcoming events:

April 18    5K  OUHSC (Downtown OKC)

April 21  OKC Memorial Marathon Pack Stuffing (Volunteering)

April 23  Landrunner Meeting (Guest Speaker)

April 26   Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon

May 2      5K  Limbs for Life

May 9     5K  OKC Healthy Air Zoo Run

May 9    5K  Tulsa Full Moon Cafe Run (Led Zep Tribute Band afterwards)

Not too shabby over the next several weeks.  I am in tapor mode with the marathon coming up but I am guilty of working on my 5K  via treadmill.  I’m also in a biggest loser contest at work.  I’ve lost 6 pounds in two weeks.  I’m hoping to lose 15 by May 31st. 

After that, summer vacation will be here and I will focus hard on losing weight and getting better at 5K and 10K runs.  Late July will be a switch over for me toward Route 66 Marathon training. 

Hope to see you on a course.


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