Are We There Yet?

Okay, i’m totally “ancy” this week.  I am ready to get the final training run started.  Its not that I dread the training run because I do not.  The fact is, the training runs have become part of my weekly schedule and I end up having so much fun before, during, and after the training run.

The final trainig run marks an end for me.  I’ve been training since early January for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon.  The journey has been tough at times due to weather.  Must  say, it’s much easier training for a fall marathon than a spring marathon.

The training runs have allowed me to communicate with other runners.  This has been one big time positve for me.  Looking back, one of the contributing factors of starting the training runs was to meet new people and get beyond my comfort zone  (same ole’ routine).

I will admit that I will be happy and sad to see the final training run.   Happy in the sense that the ultimate prize looms just a week away.  Sad in the fact I will not have this social running outlet.

Regardless, I am so happy that i’ve made running a lifestyle rather than a burden that I have to force myself to do.


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