The Countdown Has Begun

This may be a tad bit early but i’m in countdown mode for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon.  Just ran a twelve miler and I feel great.  The training run took us on a different part of the course today and I really enjoyed seeing the lake.  Looking at the course, I really see no major obstacles other than 26.2 miles. 

Ran the 12 miles in 1:48 which is very good for me.  My default pace has been 6 miles an hour.  I’ve been working this week on slightly increasing that pace and it appears that i’m taking baby steps towards that.  Another great thing about today’s run was having the ability to talk to other runners and learn from them.  Listening to other runners also motivates me to continue working harder.

Had the opportunity to talk to Maurice today.  He reminded me to slow the desire for quick progress down and to enjoy things.  I need to hear things like this because success in running makes a person crave more successes.  If the runner doesn’t achieve that success in a perceived appropriate amount of time, frustration sets in.  The joy of running is lost. 

Talked with Jason and Roger after the run too.  Briefly seeing and talking to Roger inspired me to be more committed to eating properly and running.  For those of you who do not know, Roger went from 255 pounds to 178 pounds by eating healthy and counting calories.  After the memorial I will make a strong committment to dropping my weight down.  Right now i’m at 225, this is 15 pounds heavier than in the fall.  I can feel that extra weight as I run and breathe. 

Brenda and Alex started running before the main group started running this morning.  Judging by the smiles on their faces, they had a pretty good run.  The anticipation of the big race is beginning to appear within them.  I do believe they are ready for the big race and look forward to experiencing the aches, pains, and joys of the marathon with them.

Upcoming Events:   Will run the 5K race next Saturday…Limbs for Life.  The Memorial is the following Sunday.  From there I will run the Blaze Run which corresponds with the OKC Redhawks baseball game.  Finally, I will do the OKC Zoo Run and then the Full Moon Cafe Run May 9.  Yes, that’s two races in one day but i’ve did it before (New Years Resolution and Race into the New Year). 

That is all for now. As usual, I suspect i’ve start getting reflective as the Memorial gets closers.  Stay Tuned.


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