What a difference a day makes

The training run for Saturday was moved to Sunday because of crazy Oklahoma weather.  Yesterday, it was cold windy and snowy.  Today, it is warm and windy with no precipitation.  I decided to stay in Norman today and run my mileage instead of traveling to Edmond.  One of the biggest drawbacks of the training runs is that the majority are on Sundays.  I have less than a month of training left until the Memorial Marathon.  Things are grogressing well although I am watching my family closely.  I’ve had both kids catch some sort of bug.  That could be a problem.

With that said….I have a top 10 reasons why I love running (not necessarily in order of preference)

  1. Gives you a reason to spit in public without receiving ridicule.
  2. Great way to get rid of excess gas.
  3. Each run creates a great story to share with other runners.
  4. Creating bonds with other runners.
  5. Obsessed with pretzels.
  6. Can throw your wet running clothes on the wall and they stick.
  7. Feeds one’s desire to buy new shoes every few months.
  8. Carbing up is awesome.
  9. Helps pass away time rather than zoning out in front of a TV.
  10. Feeling you get when you cross the finish line.

I’d love to see other runner’s top 10 list.  I’ll go for now but I will be back soon.  Have a big 20 miler next week.


2 responses to “What a difference a day makes

  1. We missed you this morning. Hope you had a good run on your own.

    Love the top 10 list. I’ll get on mine soon.

  2. I had instant guilt when I decided not to make the Edmond trip. Just knew that every training run in April is on Sunday which makes me miss church. Funny thing…my little boy was sick and so I ended up having to stay home with him and I missed church anyway. I will be there for the 20 miler. Have to help pull my running gals through.

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