This Weekend?

Okay, the weather here in Oklahoma is wacky.  Right now the skies are cloudy but the temperature is really manageable.  Friday night the temperatures will drop and then we will have a decent chance of snow.  Then on Sunday the expected high temperature will be in the sixties.  Just cannot figure out the weather here in Oklahoma and i’ve been living here my whole life.

Needless to say…i’m in limbo about running the twelve miles of rolling hills in Edmond this weekend.  If the roads are fine, I think i’ll go even if precipitation is falling.  I’m in the Memorial training program too deep to let a little precip. deter my mission of training properly.  I will keep you posted on the Saturday run situation.

What are my thoughts?  I truly enjoy running and I cannot imagine a life without running.  I find that i’m crabby until I run in the evening.  I’m truly addicted and seem to be content about it.  I hope that I can remain injury free.

At this point i’m still working toward the Memorial Marathon.  I’m already there having run Little Rock a few weeks ago.  I hope that I can help keep my running buddies on track as they attempt to complete their first marathon.  I will be running the marathon with them and taking lots of  pictures. 

Looking deep into the future…am I done with Marathons?  Heck no.  Its hard for me to pass up a marathon to run a 1/2 marathon.  Not at this point in my life.  A few future marathons for me will be…Route 66 in November, Dallas White Rock, Mardi Gras (Feb. 2), Memorial , and then my dream…Avenue of Giants. 

I will work on speed work over the summer and attempt to increase my “normal” running speed.  Right now I run six miles in one hour.  I am more consistent than a clock.  Could mark time off of my pace.  I’d like to increase my pace to 6.5 -7.0.  I’d like to get comfortable enough with this pace to make it my default pace.  At some point I have to increase my pace in order to qualify for Boston someday.  I think this slight increase would be a first step.

Couple of times i’d like to accomplish…

5K  under 20 minutes (been in the 21’s before)

Marathon under 4 hours. 

I think these are reasonable times to shoot for, however I want to be satisfied with my running and to make sure that i’m having fun.  Will not sacrifice my running happiness for a time goal.


One response to “This Weekend?

  1. Ashley Snyder

    You will meet your goals! Good luck with the weather. I will be thinking of you on my 20-miler in the snow this weekend. My new mantra ‘Remember the Beacon!’

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