After 61 miles, the body rests….

What a week? Today I ran with two close running friends in order to help provide support for them as they completed their first 20 miler.  These are the same two individuals that  I will be running the Memorial with in late April. 

To say my body is tired would not be enough.  I calculated the  total mileage this week and realized that i’m at 61.  Needless to say, my body crashed Sunday afternoon.  Slept most of the day and now the joy of moving furniture back into the living room lays ahead of me.  Furniture?  Yes, we had tile laid down in 2/3 of the house this week.  Life has been hectic. 

The best part of the 20 miler this morning was after the run….IHOP.

Brenda thnking about Pancakes

Brenda thnking about Pancakes

Alex Giddy After 20 Miler

Alex Giddy After 20 Miler

Well…Congrats girls….you’ve earned it!!!  Before long we will be celebrating a successful completion of the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon.


3 responses to “After 61 miles, the body rests….

  1. Thanks again for your help! It helps to have the support especially when you hit the wall. 🙂 Memorial should memorable and fun. It is hard to believe that we will be doing six more. HA! I hope the next 20 miler seems a little easier.

  2. Thank you for capturing my loveliness and posting it here! 😉 And thank you for running with us this weekend. I went home myself at crashed on the couch until I realized it was my turn to buy half and half for my work folks so I had to go to the grocery store! But I actually hurt less after this run than after the 18 miler. I am with Brenda though, hopefully, the next 20 miler will feel even better.

  3. Great job on the 20 miler. You are a wonderful person for running with them.

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