A Few Quick Running Resources

Greetings.  I wanted to share a few webpages that have running videos on them. 

  • The first webpages is called “American Runner.”  Find the American Runner TV tab and click away.  Each video is brief and addresses a specific topic.  http://americanrunnertv.com/
  • The next webpage is a NOVA special on 12 average people and how they entered a training program that leads them into running their first marathon (Boston Marathon).  http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/marathon/program.html

Lastly, I have a friend that has an assignment due for her Master’s that requires her to analyze how a particular group seeks and uses information.  She has chosen runners for that group.  I am attaching the 8 question survey to this page.  If you’d like to take the survey to help her out…go for it.  No personal identifiable information is asked for.



3 responses to “A Few Quick Running Resources

  1. Hey, did you all do your 20 this morning. I am not in town, thus was unable to attend. I hope all went well! I managed to find a 5k here in Philadelphia. Funny race, the newscaster welcomed the Mayor who gave a speech. After the speech the newsguy grabbed the mic and yelled READY SET GO! and everyone took off running. One catch, he wasn’t the organizer who stood there stammering trying to say “no, no, there’s a gun start” It was 15 minutes before the race was scheduled to start.
    Then they lost generators and other stuff. At the 2 mile point I was at 15:00, 1 mile later the clock at the finish said 29:00. Not the most accurate reading. There were some really good runners there, the best time they managed according to the broken end clock was 19plus. Such a mess, but hey I did get a friend to do her first 5K with me and a soft pretzel at the end.

  2. The girls completed their first 20 mile run ever. It was quite a test and things got real quiet the last few miles but they did make it. I am really proud of them.

    As for me, my body is done for a few days. I calculated it up and realised that I have run 61 miles in one week. Pretty funny story about that Philly race start. Love to have seen that on video.

    We will be with the group next week..12 miles of rolling hills (Edmond). Let us know and we’ll keep any eye out for you.

  3. Won’t be home for the 12, but the following week I will be there. I am sooooo impressed by the ladies (and yourself). I don’t know that I could have made it to 20. Big golf claps!!!!

    I told my Brother in Law about your site. I was telling him about how helpful you guys were to me during the 16 miles and and about your running journey. He popped in to read about/comment on your Little Rock adventures, as he was at that race also and I thought he may enjoy your commentary.

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