I have conquered the Hills of Little Rock!!!

I have finished the race.  It took me longer than expected but then again, I didn’t realize that my little toe was going to blister up at mile 15.  Ran the last 11 miles very unconfortably.  Wanna know something?  I wouldn’t change a thing, including the pinky toe. I am stoked!!! 

Will blog about the trip when I get more time and a better connection.


6 responses to “I have conquered the Hills of Little Rock!!!

  1. Nice job on finishing. I’ll comment more when you bog about the full adventure.

  2. So so so so awesome!!! You should be very proud of yourself. I am inspired. I watched your finish with my hubby! I saw your bright shirt and salute/wave to the camera!!!!! Also, thanks for the link to the live cam feed, it enabled us to watch my brother in law finish too. My hubby wanted me to pass on his thanks.

  3. Congrats Glen……. 26.2 is something to be proud of! Look forward to reading about your experience.

  4. Ashley Snyder

    I looked up your time this morning! I was so impressed-you did such a great job. I hope your toe starts to feel better soon! Look forward to hearing more about your Little Rock experience.

  5. I see you used my favorite word…conquered! HA!

  6. Thanks. I will be working on the blog late tonight or early tomorrow. Don’t fret, i’m putting the group pic in the blog. I think its a really good pic. Glad you were there. Keep your blog going…like reading it. See you @ the memorial.

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