Creek Classic, March 7

Yes I know, i’m not getting to overly creative with my titles anymore.  I promise, the creativity will rear it’s head once again someday soon.  The Deer Creek Classic 5K and 10K race was held today at Deer Creek Middle School.  The event had plenty of particants and many of the OKC Landrunners were there.  They are always easy to spot thanks to they’re running apparel.  I will admit that there does seem to be a Landrunner faction starting to wear an orange that resembles OSU colors.  The printing press must have messed up on the shirt color and since many do not want to waste, they were forced to wear such colored shirts.  No way would they feel compelled to wear that orange out in public by choice.  (Insert Laughter here)

Glen says "pointing isn't nice"

Glen says "pointing isn't nice"


Running Buddy Best Friend Forever

Running Buddy Best Friend Forever

The pic just above is Brenda whom you see often in my blog.  Today was a real special day for her, it was her birthday.  Here she giving the camera her birthday pose and thinking birthday thoughts.  Little did she know she would receive the greatest birthday present of all….I bought her Zulu socks.  Yes, can’t go wrong with Zulu socks.  Finally, Go Brenda, Go Brenda, It’s your birthday, It’s your birthday!!!

Today’s mission of the race was to have a strong run and build confidence that can be rolled into next weeks big race (Little Rock Marathon).  Another mission was to stay healthy.  I eased up toward the upward 1/4 of the participants this morning because the chip start was going to begin when the gun sounded rather than when the chip went through an activator carpet like most races.  That meant i’d deal with less people at the beginning of the race or perhaps more people would have to deal with me as they zipped by me.
I like playing this start video over and over.  The screaming sounds at the beginning on the race do not reflect the terror imposed on unsuspecting runners by DG Productions.  This guy carries a big ole’ countryfied shot gun and fires it off to start the race.  If you are a runner in the back and do not prepare yourself for the echoing boom….you’re fear has a chance to reveal itself to others in the form of a scream, moan, or crying.  Confession, I am always happy to see DG productions doing a race.  First off, you get used to seeing the company.  Secondly, the races appear to be smoother when they are in charge.
I started off the race with a “bang.”  Took off and tried to put the pedal down some.  According to my Garmin Forerunner (name drop), I was running low 8 minute miles for the first five miles before slowing it down on the last mile.  The last mile was when the wind put a hamper on my ease of running. 
Positives out of this race…
  1. Ran Strong at a good pace for me
  2. Confidence Building
  3. Sub 25 minute 5K
  4. 7 mph average through race
  5. No Injuries

At the conclusion of the race I reintroduced myself to Mark Bravo and talked to him about Little Rock next week.  Mark will be running in the marathon.  Just remembered, Mark will be announcing the finish line in Little Rock.  Please disregard the next sentence.  I have considered pacing and running behind him in the race but for some funny reason I suspect he’d have to sustain a full blown femur break on the course in order for me to ever think about keeping up with him.  Mark did talk to me about being confident about the hills.  Finding a rythmn as a run.  Thinking clearly, focused, and relaxed. 

Here’s some beautiful bean footage of the finish for Brenda and I…..

Brenda knows how to pose as she runs for the camera.  I supect she practices this technique in front of a mirror.  However, i’ll give her a break……..It’s her Birthday.  Welcome to a new age category in racing!!!!!

The good news is that I had plenty in the tank left.  I better.  Now just add 20 more miles to what I did today and i’ll have that Little Rock Marathon whipped.

The next video is of my kids……this footage was shot right after they were told that I did not run the 10K in less than 50 minutes. 

As you can tell…they weren’t happy. 

Well that concludes my Creek Classic experience.  It was great.  Now I will attempt to run lightly tomorrow at the OKC Memorial Training group  and perhaps one more day later in the week.  The big one is next.  The Little Rock Marathon is next Sunday.  I will be posting plenty this week as I mentally work on being prepared for the race.  I will also be blogging from Little Rock.

I will also post a website later on this blog entry and on another one later this week.  This website will have a live webcam showing the Little Rock finish line.  This will be way cool.  7 Days Until Little Rock!!!!


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  1. loved the blog. made me smile especially the video of Frank and Lydia.

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