9 Days Until Little Rock

The countdown until my second marathon has entered single digits.  As the big days draws near, I am flooded with plenty of thoughts.  One pressing issue on my mind is my training.  I trained differently this time cmpared to the Route 66 marathon in November.  This time I ran 4 to 5 days a week with greater mileage.  I tried to listen to my body and rest more.  Admittedly, I have struggled with my mileage this week.  Either my body is tired or perhaps I am having some problems with allergies. 

Another pressing issue is how to attack the Little Rock Marathon.  The longest hill is midway through the course and appears to be one continuous hill that last for about 3 miles before dropping off dramtically.  I have heard others talk about the drop and how it burned their quads up.  I am wondering if walking down this particular hill will benefit me more.  Its the “lose the battle, win the war” strategy.  I would love to know what others think.  May try to corner a few runners this weekend and ask them.

Finally, this week is the Creek Classic in Edmond.  I will be running the 6K.  I hope to run well but I am not sure whether my legs will be rested up properly to produce a good time.  After that, I will run ten miles on Sunday with the training group even though they will be running 20 miles.  I am not about to try 20 miles with the marathon one week away.  I will try to take pics this weekend.  My family will be there cheering me on this weekend.


3 responses to “9 Days Until Little Rock

  1. Hey I wouldn’t put too much worry into your training this week. Allergies are killing everyone I know. You’ve put in the hard miles already and I’m sure you will do well in Little Rock.

    I missed the Creek Classic today because I had some knee pain this week and didn’t want to puch my luck. I really need the 20 miler tomorrow. I’ll look you up and introduce you to Dave Ball tomorrow. He ran Little Rock last year.

  2. Are you and Brenda running tommorrow? I know I am supposed to be “off” the running for 2 weeks but I really am tempted to come out tommorrow if I feel good in the morning. There is no way I am running 20 but I would love to attempt at least something. If you guys are going and taking it easy again I would love to pace with you both if I can make it.

  3. We will be there. However, I will only be running 8 to 10. Brenda and Alex are going the distance. You are more than welcome to do the mileage with me. Find me in the morning….

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