18 More Days Until Little Rock Marathon

Less than three weeks until the big day.  I’ve been training for the Little Rock Marathon for quite some time.  I have accepted the fact that I will not run a personal record.  I have trained to make the distance rather than speed.  This summer I will start focusing on speed and find a way to gradually work distance into the mix. 

Here is a link to Little Rock in case your interested.


This weekend I will be running the Beacon on the Bay at Lake Hefner.  I will treat this more like a training run rather than a race.  I am looking forward to the race and seeing all of the people.  Hopefully I will get lots of pictures even though my camera crew (wife) will be at home dealing with flooring estimates. 

Stay tuned, the next three weeks the blog is going to start heating up as I begin to nervously discuss the upcoming marathon.


4 responses to “18 More Days Until Little Rock Marathon

  1. Hey, how is the running going? I’ve had a small setback in the shin area. Had xrays the other day and fortunately no fractures, but have to see a Sports Ortho or something. Basically, I run and want to cry. So this week its only the 5k for me. I’ll bring my camera and try to snap some pics though as the rest of you whiz through your 25k.

  2. Glad to hear from you but not glad to hear about your pain. I hope you make a quick and strong recovery. I plan to run the big one but may not run full speed. Brenda is having horrible allergies. Hope all the tests from a few weeks ago came back good.

  3. Oh poor Brenda, yuck. Allergies can be a killer, especially on a run. I hope she feels better soon. As for me, I blew off that appt. Responsible I know. I have decided that I am not taking appts for things I can’t do anything about. If I can just convince myself to stop for a week or two my leg would be all better, but you know how it goes. Is Brenda going to run Sat?

  4. I think she will go ahead and try to run. She is pretty run-down but she wants to contue training and does not want to fall behind in Memorial preparations.

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