Down But Not Out

Was not able to make the run this morning.  Really bummed about that but I had little choice.  The meal from yesterday did not set well with me over the course of the night and this morning.  The scariest thing, I still almost tried to run the 12 miles with the condition.  That could have been really bad. 

Will attempt a sizable run on Sunday.  Must have a productive week with the Beacon at the Bay finishing the week.  I would like to log close to 50 miles this week and then start thinking about slowing the mileage down before my big date with Little Rock Marathon destiny.


2 responses to “Down But Not Out

  1. That sucks, so sorry but I love that you almost went anyway.

    Good luck with the 50 mile week. I’m looking forward to the Beacon on the Bay too. Should be a good run.

  2. I am feeling better today. Will be running. Will also look for you at the Beacon to introduce myself. I’m really easy to find….look for my 4ft. 10in. running buddy. Most people recognize her first and then me. Of course she’s prettier than me.

    Questions: what type of schedule do you follow when training for a marathon?

    What is your game plan for qualifiying for Boston?

    Would like to create some dialogue about this as I begin thinking about things.

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