Future Goals?

Greetings to all.  Hope the week has been productive and rewarding.  Not too shabby here.  I started the week off by running with the marathon training group on Sunday (16 miles).  Then followed that up with a run of 7 and 10.  Plan to run 12 miles of hills in Edmond with the training group on Saturday.  My runs have felt really good.  I suspect taking a day rest between the runs has something to do with that.  As of now, I am under 30 days until the Little Rock Marathon (March 15th).

I have also been entertaining the thought of making a long range goal of qualifying the the Boston Marathon.  This is a rather lofty goal and would most likely result in becoming a multi-year process.  Ideally, i’d like to qualify before I turn 40 in four years.  I’d like to say its realistic and perhaps it is but I will have to shave off some major time off of my marathon average.  Definitely will not happen in Little Rock.  I”ve trained to survive and make it in Little Rock rather than speed. 

As time progresses I will put more thought into this potential goal.  If I make this a goal, I want to commit fully to this goal and given the length of the goal, deep thought will be required.  FYI..I’d have to run the marathon in 3 hours and 15 minutes.  Wheww!!  That’s fast. 

I’ll update the blog late Saturday night and let you know how the training run went.  Will be runnig the beacon run the following Saturday as well.


2 responses to “Future Goals?

  1. Hey sorry I didn’t make the run this morning. I’ve come down with a nasty head cold. Hope the run went well.

    I set a goal of qualifying before I turn 40 too. 3:15 is pretty fast though. I had planned to run something near that in Dallas last year but it didn’t happen. I lowered my expectations after that. I’m shooting for a sub-3:30, then a 3:20 and then we’ll see. If I can get a 3:20 this year I’ll be on track.

    Keep up the good work and maybe we can tackle this goal together.

  2. I ended up not making it myself. Caught a stomach thing that kept me up most of the night. Still woke up to go and it was way too risky for me to try to run. The good news is I think I can get back to running on Sunday. Little Rock is staring at me.

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