Frigid 5, Edmond, OK

The Frigid 5 was held on Valentine’s Day morning in Edmond, OK.  The hardest part of the race may have been finding the location of the race.  Brenda and I got lost and completely turned around.  Luckily my father-in-law answered his phone and directed us into the right direction.

The weather seemed to reinforce the race’s name.  It was frigid.  The actual temperature was around freezing but the wind enhanced the frigid experience.  The runners were able to enter the indoor facilities to stay warm and to mingle with other runners.  I did see several training run runners at this race.

Quick praise.  This race was put together well.  The atmosphere was awesome and I felt motivated throughout the race.  Definitely run this race again. 

I will post a few pictures from the race.  This particular blog may be the Brenda show because my usual camera crew (my wife) did not make the race and therefore, I was the camera crew.  I am nowhere near the photo taker that my wife is.   However, I did jog to my car after the race to get the camera so I could get some video of the race.

The first picture shows the Porta Potty and Brenda.  There is an ongoing joke about Porta Potties and Brenda.  Runners can sometimes get stuck out on a run with no facilities.  A Porta Potty can be a welcomed sight.

Porta Potty Be My Valentine...Love Brenda

Porta Potty Be My Valentine...Love Brenda


The race began with a bang (gunfire).  My pace was slow at first but then worked itself up to where I like it to be.  There were plenty of runners to navigate through and enough runners to be around that eliminated any chance of being bored or alone.  The race course had lots of twists and turns.  I ended up running a steady 41:50 according to my watch.  I am very pleased with this time.  I did not struggle too much as well.

As I stated earlier, after the race I jogged to the car to get the camera.  By doing this I was able to get a never seen before photo of Sue.  You see, one of the drawbacks of talking to me and getting to know me is the fact that I may take your picture while your running and place it on my blog.  I barely got back to the course in time to see Sue.

Sue Sighting on the Home Stretch

Sue Sighting on the Home Stretch

After I took this picture of Sue, I had only a few minutes before Brenda showed up racing down the last stretch of road. 

Brenda had a great time of 51 minutes plus a little change.  That was awesome.  After the race I took on last picture.  This is a pic of sweatcicles. 

Brenda's Sweatcicles

Brenda's Sweatcicles

Well, that’s about it.  Oh, we went and ate at the Denny’s.  Trying to get refueled before we run 16 miles with the OKC Memorial Marthon training group on Sunday.

Here are the race results..


3 responses to “Frigid 5, Edmond, OK

  1. WOW nice race! My wife and son were there and gave the same report of the race that you did. Well put on. I was worried when I heard that 1000 people had signed up. Mitch park trails aren’t that big and I was afraid it would be congested.

    Great job again and nice pics.

  2. Thanks for the pic, I don’t look quite as terrible as I felt. I kind of have a Jack Nicolson “The Shining” expression going on. The race was well organized, and the volunteers were great…much appreciated, but I am not a lover of the trail/path thing. I guess I like the being on the street where I have to dodge cars, keeps me alert. Maybe the Philly in me, I run faster thinking I may get mugged. Look forward to seeing you and Brenda tommorrow…16 miles no sweat. LOL
    Thanks again for the pics and good job today!

  3. You were too fast for me to get in position to take vid of you running. I finished, jogged to the car and barely got there in time to even get a pic. Great job running today.

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