Easy 12 miles

The title of today’s blog explains what I accomplished tonigh.  This week has been a tough running week for me.  Its nice to finally run an easy 12 miles.  Now I will go lightly if at all on Friday before running in the Frigid 5 in Edmond, OK.  The day after the race, I will be training with the OKC Memorial Marathon group.  This will be a 16 miles.  This will cause my mileage to be high for the week because the training group will then do 18 miles on Saturday. 

The Little Rock Marathon is getting closer.  It is about one month away.  Which means about three and 1/2 weeks left of real training.  Judging from my body, I do feel like I need to train hard for the next three weeks and then taking it easy in order to properly rest my body before the big race.

That is all for now…I will try to get a few pics from the Frigid 5.  Although my camera crew (aka my wife) may not be at the race.


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