Okay, Today Was My Birthday

Thats right!!  I turned 36.  I normally refuse to acknowledge my birthday but I did let my guard down to do this blog post because it has the potential to be either funny or weird.  You be the judge.  Today’s blog focus is on the wonderful gifts given to me from Melissa and Brenda.  They were very thoughtful and one can tell that great time was put in the selection of the gift (s).

Here’s the still (artistic) picture of the gift. 

Various Birthday Gifts

Various Birthday Gifts


Here’s a look at the same setup with a sepia look.

Sepia Still Pic

Sepia Still Pic


As you can tell I got some nice pink running shorts, a Dr. Pepper, Prep H., and an ear of corn.

Here is a picture of the pink shorts….

Lefty wearing pink running shorts

Lefty wearing pink running shorts


There you have it.  Thank you so much for the thoughtful gifts.  Have a good day.


2 responses to “Okay, Today Was My Birthday

  1. Hmmm, interesting gifts.

    Happy Birthday! I just turned 36 last month so I can tell you it’s not that bad. You’ll get through this.

  2. I have some pretty interesting friends. I’m a much happier 36 because i’m running. I think running keeps or atleast makes you feel younger.

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