Confidence Building

Today I ran with the OKC Memorial Training group on the actual half marathon course.  I was in search of a good run in order to rebuild my confidence which had been shattered in Tulsa the weekend before.  The run started off with massive amounts of people and very cooperative weather.  I was able to run in a short sleeve shirt and shorts in the month of February. 

The course was wonderful.  The hills were few and not too great.  The sights kept my head moving around and looking at things.  I did experience some problems around mile 6.  The breakfast of Mountain Dew kicked in and I was in dire need of a bathroom.  I kept eyeing big shrubs in the nearby park but was able to see a 7 Eleven a mile down the road.  It truly was than Heavans for 7 Eleven. 

There was a slight (sarcasm) wind on a long stretch of road.  All in all my time was a little quicker than usual and I had almost no discomfort the entire race.  I ended up completing 14 miles and and averaged under a 10:00 mile.  Sure, that will not win any records but that’s not what i’m about anyway.  Its all about personal achievement while building relationships with others.

Couple of quick sometimes funny notes….

  1. If you drop your key at the beginnning of a run, its pretty dang rough to go back and get it  by going against the flow of runners but also somewhat humerous watching someone trying to.  Sorry Sue.
  2. Always pretend you do not see that random runner who suddenlty and purposely veers off the path toward bushes.
  3. When going against the wind, always be careful of people just ahead of you spitting and making snot rockets.  I was in a near miss with someone.  I was about the receivee.
  4. Once again the best part of the day was the breakfast afterwards.  Brenda may have eaten her body weight in hashbrowns and pancakes.

There you have it.  Special thanks to Brenda and Alex for have the running drive and patience to go with me on these training runs.  I know they’d go if I wasn’t there but they sure enhance my running experience and I love bonding with them.

Next weekend will be the Frigid 5 on Saturday and then the training run on Sunday.


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