Tonight was the first night back to running since the 30K race last Saturday.  Unfortunately, the 30K race had taken it’s toll on my body and I was forced to take three days off in order to properly recover.  I suspect that I will not run any long races around the Mohawk (Tulsa) area in the near future.  For some reason, the actual hardness of the surface tore my legs up and caused my body too much stress. 

I’m sure other runners can relate to this but all roads are not made the same.  The roads around Lake Hefner are also similar to the Mohawk roads.  When people ask, I relate the story of driving in a car down the road.  Some roads you do not hear the wheels making contact with the road and then all of a sudden you hit a stretch of road where you hear the wheels meeting the road.  Its that type of road that seems to be givng my legs added stress.  Tonight also marked the first time I used my Garmin on a free run.  It was nice to just take off an run in any direction and not be consumed with keeping track of miles.  I was able to run on campus around the ovals and not be in fear of being hit by a car.

I am back with OKC Landrunner training this weekend.  We will be running the actual Memorial Half Marathon this Saturday and the weather looks like it will be very nice. 

Will be registering for the Frigid 5 in Edmond for February 14.  Then continuing with Marathon training until I run the Little Rock Marathon on March 15.


2 responses to “Recovered?

  1. It may have appeared unscripted to the untrained eye. However, which of us will now be ready if they toss a full contact bob & weave portion into the marathon. That’s me, always thinking ahead.

  2. Never thought of it that way, keep up the good work!

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