Even More Fun Run!! 30K

I made the trip to Tulsa this weekend to run in the Winter Classic Run presented by the Tulsa Running Club.  This particular race featured three running options:  1.  Fun Run 10K   2.  More Fun Run 20K  3.  Even More Fun Run 30K.  This was quite a change for me since I had been doing OKC Memorial Marathon training with the Landrunners. 

Needless to say, I put little thought into my decision and instantly signed up for the 30K race.  There were a few problems with this decision…. 1.  It was 30K  2.  It was 30K  3.  Didn’t get the memo that only the hardest of hardcore runners would be running the 30K race.  You see, I’m not a hardest of hardcore runner.  Heck, I’m not even hardcore, i’m just a runner.  You’ve seen the type, thrilled to death to actually finish a race no matter what the length is. 

The good news…..I did finish without stopping.  The bad news…..I’m pretty beat up physically and will need to rest a few days as a result.

Now lets backtrack a little bit and go over the days events.

As usual, I was one of the first runners to show up at Mohawk park.  Had to register before the race and then made my ritual text message to my RBFF (Running Best Friend Forever), Brenda.  Later, Brenda showed up and began the “i’m too cold to get out of my car” act.  Being such a good friend I immediately found her car and began taking pictures and using various guilt techniques to get her out of the car.  It took about 5 minutes to get her out of her car.

Brenda refusing to leave car

Brenda refusing to leave car

Smiling for the Camera

Smiling for the Camera

Next, I was able to get her out of the car and do the typical pre race picture.  As you can tell there is a slight height difference between the two of us.  Also, I am wearing 50 percent of my “signature look (shades and hat).  You see, Gilligan had his white hat and red shirt, well i’ve got my shades and green hat (not pictured here).

Glen and Brenda, Pre Race Pose

Glen and Brenda, Pre Race Pose

Here’s the same pic from a different angle, embrace the artistic value of the picture.

Allona taking a pic of Richard taking a pic of Glen & Brenda

Allona taking a pic of Richard taking a pic of Glen & Brenda


Back to race information…..

  1. Very professional flyover during singing of Star Spangled Banner.  The prop twin engine plane looked great.
  2. About a 2 mile stretch of road was a little rough
  3. I was the dude that tried to run across ice and about bit it
  4. Did the zoo march elephants on the trail?  Wheww…some big poo land minds out there
  5. Ran faster when I began hallucinating that a family of wild dogs were chasing me. 

Now here’s the beautiful bean footage of some of the race.  Please note, that we had hecklers and I will pretend that I do not know them.

Here I am running through loop 1 of 3.  Notice my patented “corn cob up the rear” running style.  Hey, it works for me, sorta.  Disclaimer, do not try this style at home.  I also used the opportunity to get rid of my gloves.


Not to be one out done, Brenda gets into the act by shedding her pullover on an unsuspecting camera holder.  Don’t worry, the wave she gives right after nullify’s adverse reactions between her and the camera person (Allona).

The final footage of the race is me crossing (crawling) the finish line.  Note that i’m worn out.  Also, hear me noting that the Garmin watch was showing that I ran 18.93 miles instead of 18.6.   The worker then begins showing me some of the watch functions.  Always looking for an opportunity to learn.

Okay, there you have it….the conclusion of the running day for me.  Now I will spend the next few days walking like Frankenstein.  My legs are that stiff.  Adios Reader.


4 responses to “Even More Fun Run!! 30K

  1. Hey nice blog and GREAT run! What’d you mean you’re not hardcore? Sure looked like it to me, 30K automatically equals hardcore.

    I’m out of action for awhile with a knee injury but as soon as I’m healed I’ll look you up at a Landrunners training event and we’ll run a few steps together.

  2. Looks like your camera crew is getting better too! You are an inspiration there Stanley. Keep up the good runs (heh heh, she said runs).

  3. Congrats on the great run!!! And I agree that you and Brenda both are totally hardcore!!!

  4. Great job! I was shocked that there were so many runners between the 3 events…I expected only 100-150 at most between the 3 events. My son and I did the 10K…you can read about our adventure at:


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