OKC Boathouse Run

Hope you had a great Saturday.  My Saturday started off in rather cold fashion.  Today was the 12 mile boathouse run.  The landscape of the run was beautiful and flat.  However, the weather wasn’ t overly conducive to running.  We started our run at 7 a.m. with a temperature of 25 degrees.  The wind was steady around 20-30 miles an hour from the North. 

I started the first 6 miles taking it easy and enjoying good conversation with a friend.  The wind was to our backs.  The turn around point was between mile 6 and 7.  The wind became brutal to the face as I began picking up the pace for the final 5 miles.  I was able to pick up the pace and have a really good second half run.

This day also featured the first day of my Garmin forerunner watch.  This watch was way too cool.  Garmin is a GPS unit that tracks exact distance, time, and pace.  I was able to get a better understanding of what I was feeling by looking at the data of my watch.  Running will never be the same.  

There was a great sense of accomplishment today.  I hope to have many more days like today.  The weather was harsh but that added to the overall sense of accomplishment.

On deck?  I will make a decision around mid week as to whether I will run the 30K race in Tulsa.  If I choose not to, then I will be back with the OKC Landrunner Training group.

Little Rock Marathon has about a month and a half of training left for me.  I will be stepping up the long run mileage over the next month.


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