Edmond Hills

Greetings reader.  On Saturday I had the opportunity to run with the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon training group.  The course consisted of 10 miles of hills in Edmond.  The hills were long but not overly steep in comparison to the hills I experienced during the Route 66 marathon.  I really do feel like this particular training run helped better prepare myself for the Little Rock Marathon.  I do believe that I will need to revisit this particular course a few more times before Little Rock. 

I also had two wonderful runners and friends join me for the run.  Brenda and Alex did a great job running the hills and they really enhanced my experience for the day.  Its always nice to share running experiences with others.  Each of us had a story to tell after the run is complete.  It does look like both of them will be running the OKC Memorial Marathon in late April.  I’m very excited about that.  However, I will need to work a little harder talking Alex into getting a “26.2” tattoo after the marathon. 

Here is the link to a picture taken by the Oklahoma City Landrunners on Saturday….Not pictured is the doughnut in Brenda’s hand and the cup that accidentally got knocked out of my hand as we posed for the pic.  I will admit, it was one of my better pictures taken.  Yes, i’m going for the Grizzly Adams look.


What’s on my mind?  Training hard for Little Rock.  Enjoying friendship during the OKC Memorial Marathon.  I’m even eyeing a Fort Collins Marathon in early May.  I know, it seems crazy but what an accomplishment.  Plus the scenary would be unreal.  I am undecided about this run but I may talk to a few of my buddies to see what their take on it would be.

Another issue on my mind?  Relationships.  I am surrounded by such a wonderful core of people in my life.   A New Year’s Resolution is to build meaningful relationships with people.  This requires me taking time to listen and sincerely ask questions and to invest time into them.  Running has helped me create friendships that appear to be very deep and meaningful.  I hope this trend continues.

Upcoming Events

  1. Jan. 31st, Tulsa 30K
  2. Feb. 14th, Edmond, 5K
  3. March 15th, Little Rock, Marathon
  4. April 26th, OKC Memorial Marthon
  5. May 3rd, Fort Collins Marathon?

Have a great week.


2 responses to “Edmond Hills

  1. Ha! Much, much harder.

    Also, my bad about the cup, I had no feeling in my hands with as cold as it was outside!! Though Brenda smartly hid her doughnut, I like that I couldn’t think to do anything but proudly display the muffin that would negate the entire 10 mile run! 🙂

    You could always see how you feel after OKC and then go for the Ft. Collins run. Maybe it wouldn’t be full – just expensive?

  2. I’m not sure if Brenda hid the doughnut or he height worked to her advantage. Voice of reason is setting in about Ft. Collins. I may do a half next year at Memorial and then see if I could do a full at Ft. Collins.

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