Stotan Morning

I was able to get a 12 mile run in tonight just before the cold front hit Norman. This was by far my best 12 miler since i’ve been running. Speed was with me and I ran pain free.

Saturday morning looks be a little interesting. Right now the cold front has come in and the temperatures have dropped significantly. The wind is blowing hard. If the winds continue on into the morning, this will be quite a run. Brutal would be a good word for that.

This week, Brenda and I have decided to get tattoos after the Memorial Marathon in April. The tattoo to me will represent a moment of time in my life. A time when I decided to remove my rear from the couch and begin taking an active lifestyle. Leading my family by example and making great mental strides in my life. Brenda appears to be on board with the tattoo. She will have earned it by training and completing the Memorial Marathon. Running a marathon is no small task. It is every bit mental as physical. Plus the training involved it absurd. The time spent away from family because of running is rough.   I suspect Brenda will assign some pretty powerful meaning to her tattoo. 

With that said, I’ll post later on Saturday to talk about how the training run with the OKC Landrunners went. 

On Deck:  Jan 31st in Tulsa 25K?  Weather Permitting; Little Rock Marathon on March 15th.


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