Ran With OkCMM Training Group

Saturday marked the first day of the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon training group sponsored by the OKC Landrunners. Estimates were over 100 participants for the first weekend and it almost looked like a race as we all took off for our first run. This particular run took us six miles away from Lake Hefner.

I was very humbled by how slow I ran the six miles and I had my first shin problems. I could hear my footsteps as I ran the entire six miles. Needless to say, I have switched shoes and put in orthotics into my shoes. One of my fears would be to develop shin splints. A contributing factor was the course, this was a different surface than what I typically run on.

Overall, I do believe that this training group has great potential. It also appears that this is a really friendly group that is fun to be around. I’ll keep you posted on the training group as time progresses.

About 70 days until Little Rock Marathon.


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