Changes at the End of the Year

  1. Dec. 22 went to ClearSight for an eye examination
  2. Dec. 23 found out that I have a hereditary eye disease called Bests Disease
  3. Dec. 23 had laser surgery on eyes
  4. Dec. 24 followup exam shows that my eyesight went from 20/200 to 20/25
  5. Dec. 24 spent time with in-laws
  6. Dec. 25 spent time with my side of the family

I am working on having confidence in my eyes now that I am not wearing classes.  Its a little hard adjusting to such a scenario since I had worn glasses since 2nd grade.  Also, the eye disease is from my mom’s side of the family and it consists of scar tissue on the retina.  Right now the scar tissue is nowhere near a blood vessel so i’m fairly safe but this will have to be monitored every year.  I will also have to see if my children have it later on in life.  The good news is that the disease is treatable.  The bad news is that the treatment involves a need in the eye. 

Other than that, a rather uneventful holiday season.


2 responses to “Changes at the End of the Year

  1. Wow! I had no idea. How’s it feel to not have to wear the glasses anymore? I would love to see that.

  2. It feels really weird. I’m retraining my eyes to focus on things. Glasses in the past had did that job for me. I am glad I did it. Prior to this I had worn glasses since the second grade.

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