Little Rock Marathon Confirmatioin

Greetings reader.  Hope the brief runnning off season (1 and 1/2 weeks) hasn’t bored you too much. 

I noticed my name on the OKC Landrunner website a few days ago and thus my membership has begun with this running club.  I’m excited about getting to know other members and learning from them.

The other big event just happened a few minutes before midnight.  I have officially registered for the Little Rock Marathon on March 15.  This locks me in for another date of marathon destiny.  I plan to give you plenty of training updates as the race nears. 

Here is the link to the Little Rock Marathon..

Upcoming races:  Bringing in the New Year (Tulsa) and New Year’s Resolution Run (OKC).  Will be considering a run in Tulsa on January 31st but this decision will occur the week before the race.  I do plan to run the Frigid 5 in Edmond on Valentine’s Day.


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