Transition–Eye of the Tiger

Races are over for a few weeks.  I will resume racing on December 31st and January 1st.  I will end the year with a bang and begin the new year with a bang.  Two 5K runs in 7 hours. 

I have sent in my membership for the OKC landrunners and I plan to be very active in the group in regards to training for the memorial marathon. 

This weeks signals a shift in my thinking.  I have stepped up my training this week and I have entered serious mode in regards to training for the Little Rock Marathon on March 15th.  My training consists of running a minimum of 40 miles a week with one long run.  Long runs consist of 12 to 20 miles.  I tend to save my 20 milers for the last month before the marathon. 

There is something about training for a marathon that inspires me.  When I was little I used to laugh at my grade school football coach when he said “show me the eye of the tiger.”  I still laugh today but I have a better understanding now because training for a marathon requires a level of committment and determination.  At times a person has to reach down deep and get mean in order to push the running limits.  So I can sit here tonight after running 15 miles in freezing temperatures and say that I have the “eye of the tiger.” Okay, I am going to laugh now. 



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