MWC Christmas Light Spectacular

The group before the MWC Christmas Lights Spectacular

The group before the MWC Christmas Lights Spectacular

Tonight was the festive MidWest City Christmas Lights Spectacular.   Earlier today I was a little worried about the excessive windy conditions throughout the area.  Luckily, the wind died down enough around race time.  This race was dear to me because I was able to run with friends.  This was the first race that I did not have to go full throttle and I was just as content after the race.  The course was very flat and featured plenty of Christmas Light displays.  In other words, the ingredients for a joyous night. 

I had the privilege of running with Melissa, Brenda, and Kristin.  Three awesome individuals that make life much more enjoyable.  We took off at the sound of the gun and gently glided through most of the kilometers.  Throughout the race we were able to have casual conversations to help pass the time.  One interesting part of the race was when we ran over a bridge.  The bridge was bouncing up and down and gave us a sense of dizziness.  Would not recommend running on that bridge again. 

I tried to keep track of time as we run and I failed miserably.  I had timed it to where we would finish just before 30 minutes.  One problem, the race is 3.1 Kilometers and thus the .1 made us come in a few seconds after 30 minutes.  I was really wanted to have the group under that time.  However, everyone seemed really happy after the race.  Personally, I feel great having had the experience wtih them.  Will definitely run this race again next year. 

One other item of note was Bill S. who run an awesome time of just over 20 minutes.  I will post the times when they become available.



2 responses to “MWC Christmas Light Spectacular

  1. Finally found out the meaning of Shambala… love that!
    Great time last night! Loved running with you guys!! Good Times….Good People!

  2. Glad you had a great time. Glad you understand what Shambala means and now you know what all of this running and friendships are all about. Trying to reach that ultimate state of oneness of peace and kindness.

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